Men and women who likes to travel

This event lets men and women with same interest to meet and get to know each other better. If you are a traveler or interested in travelling overseas, you should join this event and meet potential partner. Select the event in the list for details.

5 July 2018
7:00PM - 9:00PM
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Ticket for Women only Women 27 - 35 y/o
Only 20 seats available
RM153 / seat
Ticket for men only Men 27 - 35 y/o
Only 20 seats available
RM180 / seat


Event date 5 July 2018
Event time 7:00PM - 9:00PM
Event venue
OL’DEER Event Place

H01-3, SS7/13A, Plaza Kelana Jaya 47301, Petaling Jaya

6:45PM - 7:00PM
Arrival of guests, verify ID & fill-in profile card
7:00PM - 7:15PM
Opening briefing
7:15PM - 8:15PM
One-to-one introduction & go-around
8:15PM - 8:30PM
Free time and refreshments (mingling time)
8:30PM - 8:45PM
Exchange message card time
8:45PM - 8:55PM
Announcement of Matched Couple and bouquet throw
8:55PM - 9:00PM
Closing remarks and End
Event venue
OL’DEER Event Place

H01-3, SS7/13A, Plaza Kelana Jaya 47301, Petaling Jaya



Do you like to travel overseas, or have you traveled overseas? Where have you been to? UK? Australia? China? India? Singapore☺?

Travelling is such an exciting topic and interest.
This event is catered especially for adult women and men between 23 and 35 years of age.
The age range is the most active time for a person in life, and many people love to be
involved with somebody who similarly have interest in travelling abroad.
There will so many experiences and wishes to talk about with the people there.

For the people that are still single, and have experienced love a number of time.

For the singles that has never been in love and serious relationship

For those who has been searching for a partner that share the same interest

For those seeking a serious partner to travel with and make memorable memories

This is the perfect event to start off a meaningful relationship with a person!


Event Specialty

Do you like to travel overseas, or have you traveled overseas? Where have you been to? UK? Australia? China? India? Singapore☺?

Event Specialty

Effective tools to increase the couple matching rate

1. Profile Card
- Seated session will be smooth and exciting!

2. Impression Sheet
- Easily rate the first impression with secret code!
- Will not be shy due to secret code
- Secret code will only be known towards end of event


3. Message card
- Easily exchange contact info and private message !


5. Approach with confidence!

Keeping The Right Balance

The event is engineered to have balanced ratio between men and women turn outs. We do a good job of maintaining good ratio by arranging 1:1 ratio together smoothly.
However, if the ratio 1:2 the event can still be smooth sailing, no worries. Our aim is to keep the balance.


Participants Occupation Background

This delightful event attracts many workers or professionals to participate i.e.
For men; CEOs, doctors, engineers, architects, lecturers, accountants, pilots, dentists, government officers, public listed company staff, businessmen and many more.
While for women; CEOs, doctors, lecturers, dentists, secretaries or PA, accountants, teachers and many others.

Food and Beverages – eat as much as you like during event!

Food and drinks will spice up your mingling experiences with opposite sex! Just be yourself and eat while getting to know other people!


*sorry but we do not serve alcoholic drinks in order to promote health & wellness

Single participant rate is high!

Getting friends to go together is tedious?
Hard to find friends to go together?

Well, do not worry because our single participant rate is estimated about 50%.
We will make effort to seat you with the single participants to quickly make friend

Freely Exchange Contact No

We encourage participants to exchange contact details during the windows given such as free time and message card time. Do approach the ones you are interested in and exchange contact details to keep in touch after the event. Being open is definitely better than keep closed!


In the first round of the speed dating seatings, there be a chance to hear the conversation and during the free time afterwards will be good time to positively approach and talk with the one you like. It will be worth an effort.

If you are too shy, you can ask our female staff help you approach the person together ☺

If you have any query about the event and program, you can directly ask our event staff.


Age Range

Men and women 27 - 35 y/o


In good health

Event language



Event name Men And Women Who Likes To Travel
Main conversation language chinese
Age range Both men and women between 27 - 35 years.
Event date 5th July, 2018 (Thursday)
Event time 7:00 - 9:00pm (Scheduled reception 6:30pm)
Booking deadline 3rd December, 2018
Ticket for Women only Women RM153/seat (women only)
Ticket for Women only Men RM180/seat (men only)
Refund policy

Cancellation more than 1 week prior to event day will get full refund. Cancellation less than 1 week prior to event day will not get any refund. We will refund 50% if the turn out ratio of men and women is less than 1:2

Venue OL’DEER Event Place
Venue address H01-3, SS7/13A, Plaza Kelana Jaya 47301, Petaling Jaya
GPS 3.0965216159820557 , 101.59829711914062 View on map
Event contact number 012-330-8536
Event URL
Organizer Japase (M) Sdn Bhd (1100493-A)
Company phone 03-84081077

With regards to participation in this Bindup event, those people aiming for soliciting activities such as network business, other events, product sales, MLM, Insurance, Unit Trust, recruitment, prostitution, illegal religious activities etc. are prohibited under the terms. Such annoying behaviour towards any participant will not be allowed during the event or outside event time.

We will immediately oust the participant who annoys or disturb the other participant out of the event and deny any future participation. We will also take legal action if necessary. If you find any participant annoying you or other participant, please immediately inform our staff. If there is any error in the content of the above details please inform us as well.

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